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As part of the Jeremiah Project we have been running ARK Projects in Merton schools for some 6 years, using the Hope Bus as the Project launch vehicle with its fun environment and upstairs classroom. In the early days the children would receive a 'wristband' with the words 'Acts of Random Kindness'. However, following a mistake by our coordinator a new batch of wristbands were ordered with the wrong spelling for kindness - missing off the second 's'. She was devastated as this could not be changed.


We then had an IDEA. It was a God moment of 'revelaton'. We decided to use the mispelled wristbands and explain to the children and staff that in life, we all make mistakes. When we do, we can help one another to put them right. We encouraged the children to do Acts of Random Kindness in putting things that were wrong - right!


From then on we decided to order ALL future wristbands with the spelling 'kindnes'.


This is a powerful message to our generation that we all 'sin', make mistakes, do things wrong, and need help to put them right. Ultimately, it is God who takes away our 'S'. He alone is the one who can forgive us, restore us, and even use our mistakes for good!


The wristband message continues to bring hope and healing wherever it is shared!


We are now running ARK 2 in Merton Primary schools - 'The Power of Words'

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